Intellectual Property Consulting Services

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In an initial consultation we discuss the invention and any questions you may have about the patent application process. We evaluate the subject matter of the invention, discuss your goals, and set expectations. The next step is to conduct a novelty search. The search results are used to evaluate the state of the prior art, write a patentability opinion, and inform you if proceeding with a patent application is appropriate. 

Preparing and filing the patent application includes drafting patent drawings, writing a specification, drafting strong claims, and administrative work. A patent application filed by Brown IP Consulting goes on our docket and is monitored throughout the application process so that no important deadlines are missed.  

Once the USPTO issues an office action we develop a strategy to address and work around the USPTO’s issues with the application. We make the required arguments or changes to address the USPTO’s objections or rejections and get the application into a condition for allowance. When the application is approved, we pay the issue fee, and you have a valid patent. If the USPTO again denies the application, we discuss possible appeals routes and other options. 

Patent services include: 

  • Patent consultation 

  • Novelty search 

  • Patentability opinions 

  • Provisional patent application drafting and filing. 

  • Non-provisional patent application drafting and filing. 

  • Design patent drafting and filing. 

  • Amendment or arguments responding to Office Action. 

  • Conducting examiner interview. 

  • Appeal to board. 

  • Issue and maintenance fee payments. 

  • Validity opinion. 

  • Infringement opinion. 

  • Filing assignments and other documents. 


Trademarks are a form of intellectual property that identifies your brand. Proper registration and handling of your trademark is vital to protect your branding and the consumers of your product or service. 

Trademark services begin with an initial consultation. We answer questions you may have about trademark law and evaluate the proposed trademark and how it relates to your business. The next step is to conduct a clearance search and find any confusingly similar trademarks already in the marketplace.  

We then prepare and submit the application for the trademark. Your trademark may be registered by the USPTO after submitting the initial application. If the USPTO rejects your application, we make the appropriate changes or arguments to get your application approved.  

Trademark services include: 

  • Clearance search. 

  • Registration application. 

  • Prosecution. 

  • Statement of use. 

  • Appeal to board. 

  • Renewal application. 

  • Filing for international trademark. 

  • UDRP petitions. 

  • Preparing and filing assignments. 


A copyright automatically exists for an artistic work in a tangible form. However, to enforce these rights the copyright must be registered. Brown IP Consulting provides copyright registration services to owners of copyrighted works. 


Having the correct contracts in place is imperative to monetize and protect your intellectual property and business interests. Brown IP Consulting provides a range of contract drafting, negotiation, and management services. From licensing intellectual property to B2B corporate contracts we have you covered.  

Other Legal Needs 

Inventors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners will always need professional legal advice and transactional services at reasonable prices. Reach out to us regarding your legal needs and we will work with you to meet your unique needs.